Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Importing Prohormones & Prosteroids to Australia

The effectiveness of Australian bodybuilding supplements are insignificant when compared with the supplements sold within the united states.  Namely because Australia has a complete restriction (well almost!) on importing and selling prohormones and prosteroids. United States supplement stores, however, legally sell an impressive range of prohormones and prosteroids.  This puts Australian gym goers/ recreational athletes in the pursuit of muscle, strength and recovery at a great disadvantage in comparison to our US counterparts.

So what to do.........the first thought would be to simply purchase the prohormone from a US supplement store.  However, given that Australia has one of the tightest customs in the world, the chances of getting such a product through customs and into Australia would seem unlikely, or so you would think.....US supplement stores offer two main postage methods - FEDEX, UPS (United Parcel Service) and USPS (United States Postal Service).  Only one of these postage methods is effective at getting prohormones/prosteroids through Australian Customs, and that is USPS.  USPS offers international express post and international priority - choose the international priority mail method, as express packages are more heavily scrutinised. 

So why is it that USPS allows free passage for prohormones...Well it comes down to the fact that USPS uses its own internal customs - who have far less restrictions on what passes, in contrast to say FEDEX who operate through 'Australia post's' customs service - who are very strict on what passess.  Not every prohormone/prosteroid will pass have there are a large number that do - here is a detailed list of supplements (including prohormones/prosteroids) that pass, soemtimes pass and what wont pass...On a side not for those thinking of importing diet supplements - anything containing ephedra or yohombine hcl WILL NOT PASS!

These supplements are OK TO IMPORT:

1-carboxy-2-amino- 3-pyrobenzol (3,4 diol) (Bulk)
Acetyl L-Carnitine (Bulk)
ALRI - Bad Ass Mass
ALRI - Jungle Warfare
ALRI - Pro-Anabol
ALRI - Restore
American Cellular Labs - Xtreme Tren
Anabolic Innovations - Cycle Support
Anabolic Innovations - Life Support
Anabolic Innovations - Post Cycle Support
Anabolic Innovations - Stoked!
Anabolic Xtreme - Advanced Post Cycle Therapy
Anabolic Xtreme - HyperdrolX2
Anabolic Xtreme - LeanFX
Anabolic Xtreme - MassFX
Anabolic Xtreme - Retain
Applied Nutriceuticals - Drive
Applied Nutriceuticals - IGF-2
Applied Nutriceuticals - Lipotrophin AM/PM
Applied Nutriceuticals - NeoVar
Applied Nutriceuticals - Osteobolin-C
Applied Nutriceuticals - RPM
Arachidonic Acid (Bulk X-Factor)
AST - HSC Creatine
AST - Creatine Monohydrate
BCAAs (Bulk)
Beta-Alanine (Bulk)
Black Dragon Labs - Methyl-1SD (Superdrol Clone)
BSN - NO-Xplode
Caffeine Pills
Chocamine Powder (Bulk)
Cissus Powder (Bulk)
Citrulline Malate (Bulk)
Coleus Forskholii (Bulk)
Competitive Edge Labs - Cycle Assist
Competitive Edge Labs - E-STANE (Havoc Clone)
Competitive Edge Labs - H-DROL (Halodrol-50 Clone)
Competitive Edge Labs - P-PLEX (Phera-Plex Clone)
Controlled Labs - GlycerGro
Controlled Labs - Green Magnitude
Controlled Labs - Orange Triad
Controlled Labs - Purple Wrath
Controlled Labs - White Flood
Cordyceps Powder (Bulk)
Core - Core ZAP
Designer Supplements - Activate Xtreme
Designer Supplements - Basic Cuts
Designer Supplements - Lean Xtreme
Designer Supplements - Rebound XT
Dymatize - Liquid AMP
Ergopharm - 6-OXO
Ergopharm - 6-OXO Extreme
Ergopharm - 11-OXO
EST - Hemadrol
EST - Methyl E (Havoc Clone)
EST - Propadrol
Fast Action - H-DROL (Halodrol-50 Clone)
Fenugreek Capsules
Gaspari - 3rd Degree Burn
Gaspari - Novedex XT
Gaspari - SizeOn Powder (Ensure it is noted somewhere on the package that the powder does not contain egg lecithin)
Gaspari - SizeOn Tablets
Gaspari - Thermogenic Thyrotabs
Generic Labz - Cissus-Drol
Geranium Extract
Get Diesel - Diesel Test Hardcore
Glucosamine HCL Powder (Bulk)
Glutamine (Bulk)
Himalaya - Liver Care/Liv. 52
Horny Goat Weed Powder (Bulk)
IDS - Bulk Tabs
IDS - Mass Tabs
IDS - Ripped Tabs
iForce Nutrion - Reversitol
Infinite Labs - Cyclo Tren
Juggernaught - Pherabol (Phera-Plex Clone)
Kilosports - Trenadrol
LG Sciences - Methyl 1-D
L-Leucine Powder (Bulk)
Long Jax Powder (Bulk)
Maca Root Powder (Bulk)
MAN - High Voltage Body Octane
MAN - Scorch
Melatonin (3mg tablets)
Millennium Sports Technologies - Ragnarok
Millennium Sports Technologies - Somnidren GH
Molecular Nutrition - X-Factor
Nimbus - Blast
Nimbus - Poseidon
Nimbus - Swell
NOW Foods - 5-HTP
NOW Foods - Adam Multi-Vitamin
NOW Foods - Glucosamine Sulfate & MSM
NOW Foods - Liver Detoxifier & Regenerator
NOW Foods - Rhodiola
NOW Foods - Super Enzymes
NOW Foods - Tribulus 1,000mg
Palo Alto Labs - Aspire36
Palo Alto Labs - Incarnate
Palo Alto Labs - Paravol
Palo Alto Labs - Reset-AD
PEA (Bulk)
Phenibut (Bulk)
Physical Enhancing Industries - Methyl DX3 (Superdrol Clone)
Piracetam (Bulk)
Primaforce - Cissus 40% Ketosterones
Primaforce - R-ALA
Primaforce - Sesamin
Primodial Performance - Dermacrine
RPN - Havoc
RPN - Renegade Pheromone Soap
SAN - Tribuvar
Scivation - Sesamin
Scivation - Xtend (All flavours are fine)
Spectra Force - Oxyguno
Super Cissus (Bulk)
Super Saponins (Bulk)
Taurine (Bulk)
Universal Nutrition - Animal Cuts
Universal Nutrition - Animal M Stack
Universal Nutrition - Animal Pak
Universal Nutrition - Animal Stack 2
Universal Nutrition - Storm
USP Labs - Anabolic Pump
USP Labs - Jacked
USP Labs - Powerfull
USP Labs - P-Slin
USP Labs - ReCreate
USP Labs - Supper Cissus RX
VPX Sports - NO Shotgun V.3
Xtreme Formulations - Vendetta
Yellow Gold (Bulk)

These supplements WILL BE SEIZED:

Epistane - may get through?
Competititve edge labs (m-drol) - mostly gets through, somtimes seized.
3,17-keto-etiochol-triene Powder (Bulk ATD)
ALRI - Venom Hyperdrive 3.0 (Contains Hoodia)
Biotest - Spike! (Contains Yohimbe)
Controlled Labs - Blue Up & Blue Up - Stim Free (Contains milk product)
Fast Action - S-DROL (Superdrol Clone)
Generic labz - Epithin-E (Havoc Clone)
Palo Alto Labs - Leviathan / Leviathan Reloaded (Contains Yohimbine HCL)
Spectra Force - Furaguno
Vasopro - Ephedrine (ALL Ephedrine/Ephedra based products are controlled    

*Remember when placing an order that small quantities draw less attention.  Additionally, imports on supplements are limited to a 3 month supply for each product,according to the maximum dosage listed on the bottle.  Well, order away and start making some real gains...



  1. Can we order pro-hormones just like other online shopping from overseas or should we have to clear some law bindings first.

    1. H-Drol is a trade name for the anabolic steroid 4-chloro-17a-methyl-androst-1,4- diene-3-17b-diol, which is technically a prohormone to Oral Turinibol, an East German steroid that was popular with Olympians in the 1960′s.

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